Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Honeymooners!

We're so excited because today we booked our honeymoon! We were having a hard time deciding where to go so we're really relieved that we came up with a plan that we're both excited about. Originally we were considering going to Spain to visit Barcelona and Ibiza and/or Majorca but that would have required taking at least 2 weeks off from work and I wasn't sure that I could swing that. Then we considered the Caribbean or Cabo but those weren't really an option because it will be hurricane season. Needless to say we were both getting pretty frustrated. Luckily this morning Jen came up with the brilliant idea of taking a more local honeymoon right after the wedding and then taking another honeymoon around Thanksgiving when we will have more travel options and will have to take less time off of work. Leave it to us to have 2 honeymoons!

So we decided to go to Fairmont le Chateau Montebello for a few days of rest, relaxation and at a lot of spa time! This is a perfect choice for us because we LOVE Canada and we LOVE Fairmont hotels. And after that we will drive to Montreal, one of our favorite cities, for a few days of fun!

Part II of the honeymoon has yet to be planned so stay tuned!


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Anonymous said...


Am loving your blog too! My fiance and i came up with this same plan for a double honeymoon. For us its 4 days in Paris straight after the wedding to get away and then next year something longer...not sure what yet!