Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ring Relief!

We got our rings today! Another check off the never-ending to-do list! Today we finally made our way to the jewelers to get a ring guard for my engagement ring...another thing on that to-do list...and decided to take a look at rings. I forgot to mention that J has been DYING to buy our wedding rings since the day we purchased our ERs. We both weren't sure that we could wear the bands with our ERs because our rings are shaped in a way that a band wouldn't fit against it. So what to do, what to do? Wear the ER on the right hand and the WR alone on the left? If we did that, we both felt like we would need a more elaborate WR than we wanted. We tried on rings for a while and neither of us were falling in love with anything and then we finally found the one! And the one works with the ERs so we can wear them on the same finger! And we both loved the same ring so we're going to have matching ones which we're really happy about.

And to think, all I thought I'd accomplish this weekend was counting down to the red carpet tomorrow!



A Wedding Story said...

Oh exciting! You made me remember I need to get his wedding band...yikes!

Victory Bird said...

Awesome! But, uh, what's a ring guard exactly? And I'd LOVE to see pictures of what you came up with for an ER+WR solution. My ER is a split shank, and all the bands just seem to destroy the symmetry. Let us know!


I'll post some pix in a couple of weeks once we get the ERs from the jeweler :)


Oh and a ring guard is an insert that you put onto a ring that is too big. I wanted to have a temporary fix rather than to resize it now.