Friday, March 6, 2009

Magazine Madness - InStyle Weddings

I was so excited to see Sarah Shahi of The L Word fame on the cover of the InStyle Weddings Spring '09 issue this week. Now I know a bunch of my girlfriends will be very sad to know that she is recently married and expecting a baby, but I just love the pictorial! She looks blissful and absolutely stunning!

Check out a video of her covershoot here!


Bridechka said...

Oh man I loved her on L Word, I was sooo hoping that they would bring Carmen back for the last season ... but its looking like no dice.

Natalie said...

UGH. Say it ain't so!!!! :(

Eileen Chakin said she'd be on the final season, so I have my fingers crossed for this Sunday...

D - do you and J have plans? If not, you should come to my place to watch... we'll have drinks and a big TV to watch it on! :) Plus, we miss you. xoxo