Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Last Wedding Event? Say It Isn't So!

Last night I attended the Wedding Salon Event at the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC. Now I don't know if it's me, but I just feel like these wedding shows bring out the worst in brides. I've attended numerous events over the past 7 months and almost every time, minus the few smaller ones, I find myself wondering why did I even bother? This isn't to bash the organizers of the events at all....I have found some interesting vendors and ideas. But the majority of them are overcrowded, hot at h*ll and filled to the rim with angry brides desperate to get their hands on free alcohol and the infamous goodie bags. Last night I even saw a fight break out between a bride and an employee of the event. This bride actually threw something at the employee because she wasn't able to get the goodie bag she wanted. Now seriously...are they ever really worth it anyway?

Some highlights of the show? I met Deanna Papas, the bachelorette and co-host of the Get Married show on Lifetime and I also brushed past Colin Cowie on my way out. I must admit that was a bit of a thrill because he was one of the major reasons I even attended :) I was hoping to get to meet David Tutera but I just couldn't bear to hang around any longer after the goodie bag incident.

Here are some pix of some of the prettier things I came across.

Love this dress but the model didn't remember the designers name. She could only remember that it's sold at Bridal Reflections...

As I walked away from the show I found myself saying this is absolutely the last wedding event I attend. I just hope I have the restraint when the next one roles around...New York Magazines Wedding Event at the Met Pavillion on April 1 anyone?


christina said...

i've never been to one of those events...i was tempted, but never gave in...after i found out about "the running of the brides" {i posted about it last week}, i was pretty glad i didn't...and now after reading this, i'm sure i didn't miss ANYTHING!

Aylee Bits said...

I feel the same way. I went to the Wedding Salon at Roosevelt hotel too and it was crazy! The previous Wedding Salon events were smaller, but I liked them better. This probably won't be my last bridal show (I still have more than a year to go), but I will definitely pick and choose.