Thursday, April 9, 2009

Come on NY!

We've really been dragging our feet about a pretty important wedding task. Making our upcoming marriage legal. Kinda important, don't ya think?

As I mentioned in the past, originally we were going to do it in Toronto this past Friday. We also considered Massachusetts and even took a trip up to Boston last September to search venues and get more information but we weren't in love with the idea. It could be because it poured the entire time we were up there so poor Boston was tainted in our minds even though we love it there. So we eventually ended up settling on CT, but we really haven't made any plans whatesoever regarding the civil ceremony. People keep asking us when, where, etc but we're not really motivated to commit to anything because we're holding out hoping & praying that NY makes it legal by the time we get married in September.

Now it looks like it really could be a possibility. Govenor Paterson said Wednesday he plans to re-introduce legislation to make same-sex marriage legal in New York. It's not a sure thing unfortunately. Even though the state Assembly passed the marriage equality bill in 2007, we still need for the Senate to pass it. They're still a few votes shy for passage but hopefully this will help push the agenda and the votes can be secured. You can read more about it here.

I'm not giving up hope. Come on NY! You can do it!

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Mo said...

I'm not giving up hope either! Truly hope NY, CA and the rest of the country comes through on legalizing same sex marriages...and I hope it's before September when you get married!