Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Fever

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Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had an amazing one! We spent the entire time outdoors enjoying the summer weather in NYC. It actually felt like we were on vacation but we were in our own city. I just love it when that happens! :)

We didn't make much wedding progress since, like I said, we were outside most of the time, but we did manage to pick up a few hair pieces at Forever 21 which are absolutely adorable and so so cheap! They probably won't be the ones we actually use at the wedding, but they're something to play around with for now for hair trials and such.

As for wedding progress, some things actually did get accomplished over the past few weeks. Hotel blocks are secured and most of our girls got their dresses! I was so surprised and impressed that they took it upon themselves to do it without our help. We chose the color, wine, and let everyone pick their own dress style. And they all did a great job! Now only our niece, Maggie and our flower girl, Ally are the only others who still need to get dresses.

And yesterday we put down a deposit on the flowers. I can't wait to finally see them since the sketches are absolutely gorgeous! But I'll share more about the flowers in a future post.

I feel good about those things but there's still a lot more to do and we're really getting behind on our task timeline. First off we need to schedule a meeting with our planners to touch base because I don't think that we can make anymore progress without discussing some things with them. Some of the more pressing tasks are that we have to schedule hair & makeup trials and we need to start invitation shopping ASAP since we have to purchase them next month.

All of this is really exciting yet nerve-wracking at the same time. I can't believe we only have a little over 4 months left. We're starting to have those wedding anxiety dreams again but I know we'll start to feel better once we get back on track. The summer weather has inspired us and also kicked us into high gear. So it's official. As of today we're back on the diet, exercise and planning wagon. Nothin can hold us back now!


christina said...

four months! you have so much will all come together...remember *why* you are getting married {to the love of your life!!} and the anxiety will melt away...{we planned our entire wedding in less than 6 months & i produced a tv show at the same time!!} can do it...just remember to breathe & keep in mind what is will all fall into place...


thanks...your absolutely right! i'm so impressed how u planned ur wedding in such a short amount of time aaand produced a tv show! i should have nothing to worry about :)

AmyJean said...

Love those hair pieces!

kobe said...

i also want to enjoy the sunshine on the beach