Monday, May 4, 2009

Decisions Decisions

We finally booked our engagement photoshoot with our photographer Daniel Krieger for the afternoon of May 15th!!! We're so excited about it and we can't wait to see how the photos come out. Only thing is that we're up in the air about location right now. We're torn between the Flatiron District & Union Square in Manhattan or DUMBO in Brooklyn.

Originally we had our hearts set on the Flatiron/Union Square area because we frequent those places quite often and the Flatiron building itself and the angles of that intersection are fantastic.


Image: found here

But then our photographer suggested DUMBO as an alternative. At first we weren't too keen on the idea because we're not really Brooklyn people. Now I'm not saying anything negative about Brooklyn. Some of our closest friends live there and we like going on over but we just don't do it all that often and we figure that these photos should represent us and our life together. But then we started to ponder the idea and we decided to do a little research. Well, we ended up discovering that you can get some really amazing photos of the city and the bridges from DUMBO. And of course now I'm thinking that maybe that's the better option.


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Image: found here

Good news is we don't have to make our final decision until the day before the shoot so we have a bit of time. So while we mull it over I think I'm gonna start to take a poll. Which one should we choose...Flatiron/Union Square, our neighborhood playground or DUMBO's awesome city views? I'd love to hear what you guys think!


Mo said...

It's too bad you can't do both!
Despite DUMBO's awesome city views, I vote for the Flatiron since it's a special locale for the two of you.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oooh, that's a tough one! My cousin did her wedding pictures in DUMBO and I have to say it was so much fun and the shots came out great. However, I'm with MO, if you want the setting to be representative of you, go with the Flatiron!

Bridechka said...

Tough call! I am no help at all, I heart both.

jennie said...

ya know i love brooklyn, and dumbo is very photogenic. but i think it can easily become a cliche to shoot down there (i always see wedding stuff going on around there), and manhattan is way more YOU. i vote flatiron/union square.

Courtney said...

I vote DUMBO for the bride pics and cool shots you could get there...might be hard to get good shots in Manhattan with traffic and whatnot, but you are Manhattan girls after all...

Natalie said...

I mean, you'll get cool shots no matter what. I think you just need to decide if you want to have any of the skyline/bridges in your background or not - and that will be the deciding factor. I would go with your heart and gut on the day before. Either way, they are going to be fantastic. :)

chicncheap said...

My instinct is to say DUMBO and you have convinced me to take engagement photo session 2 or wedding photos there. That view is awe-inspiring.

But, you want to look at the pictures in 20 years and love it. Will you love them even though you're not a Brooklyn gal?