Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dilemma No. 452 -To Bag Or Not To Bag

My latest thing I've been obsessing over is whether or not to carry a bag on the big day. Do brides really use/need one? I'm definitely going to want to have my lipgloss and a few other things with me but I remember last year at my sisters wedding I used a clutch but I never really had it with me.

I found this amazing chiffon and organza rosette one from Mary Norton. It's to die for! And she also has coordinating shoes! They're just swoon worthy, right?!

Ok but I'm definitely not switching the shoes. I'm moving forward and sticking with my original choice. So back to the topic. What do you guys think? Should I bag it or not?


Bridechka said...

Oooh that bag is just fantastic but I have heard over and over again that you will totally forget all about it on the day and not use it at all. Tough call though, cause that bag is fabulous

Natalie said...