Friday, June 5, 2009

DVF Sample Sale Finds

So I braved the rain and the crowds today and headed on over to the DVF Sample Sale. I have to say overall it wasn't too bad. We got there right before noon and walked right lines! Of course, right after the crowds came and it was a little difficult to get around the racks but not horrible. They have some really beautiful pieces at great prices. At one point I had five things I totally needed to have but I showed amazing restraint and only purchased two. I'm happy that I was able to score a few good finds.

The Heronette Lace-Up dress normally goes for $365 and I got it for $100. I thought it was a cute option for some upcoming parties & showers.

And then I got this beautiful teal wrap top for $60.

Dresses are going for $100, skirts, blouses & sweaters are $60 and swimsuits are $40. Great deals and there's still time to get there. It's open till 5:30pm today and then tomorrow 9am - 3pm. If you have a chance you should totally stop by. Good luck!

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Bridechka said...

So pretty! I hope they have some good stuff left tomorrow! Wish me luck ;)