Monday, June 22, 2009

Picture Perfect

I don't know about you, but I'm the girl who wants to see everyone's pictures posted somewhere...facebook, shutterfly, anywhere! the next morning after an event. Like seriously, I obsess over it. And I'm kinda twitching over the fact that I've only seen a few pictures posted from our shower last week. BTW thanks Nat...I knew I could always count on you ;) Why does everyone wait so long? Don't they know that I want to re-live the fun of the day over and over again?

So I know I'm going to be DYING to see my guests pix at the wedding soon after the event. I came across this great idea to try to make it easy on everyone to load all of their pictures in one organzied place.

Call it the 2009 version of disposable cameras on tables. Instead of cameras on tables, you just place cards with a URL or email address for your guests, and leave it to them to upload after the event.

First, decide which photo-sharing website you want to use. Just be sure to check to see that the site you choose has plenty of storage space for the photos.

Once you've settled on the service, you need the cards so people know where to send photos. You can buy kits like this one for $25, or if you want to tie it into your theme/color scheme you can make them yourself relatively easily.

Design and print out your message onto business card-size paper, then place in a festive box or display on each table.

Love the idea! Now I just have to figure out a way to get my guests to load them up in a speedy fashion :)

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The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Great idea. Gotta love technology!

Bridechka said...

Love this idea!

Natalie said...

Oh, obvs. Always :)

And that is such a great idea!! What a nice find! You are so good at this. ;)

chicncheap said...

Fabulous idea! Count me in!