Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Memory

I've been obsessed the past few days trying to figure out ways to honor the memory of our loved ones who have passed at our wedding.

Since I really want the wedding to be a happy occassion and celebration, I don't want to do something overly depressing, like leaving a few chairs empty, or displaying large pictures, but I definitely want to do something to honor them and have them with us.

I have always like the idea of memory charm hanging from a bouquet. I think it's a subtle yet beautiful way to carry those people close to us all day. And it's also great because we can keep the charms as a keepsake after the wedding.

I've found a few on Etsy that I like, one from Grandhorse, another from Designsby Tami and one from Sweetsassafras1. I'm not sure which one we should go with though because we each have more than one photo we'd like to hang from the bouquet. I will have three pictures, our best friend, my grandmother & Jen's father and Jen will have two, her dad & our bff. I'm thinking we should have a double sided frame or a locket so you can fit two pictures in one piece. I don't want the bouquet to be too bulky.

Another option we're considering is having memory candles lit before the ceremony and having our Reverend briefly say a few words to acknowlege them.

And lastly, our best friend recently passed away after a brave fight with breast cancer. Another way we were thinking to honor her is to have her daughter, our flower girl, carry and scatter pink rose petals in her memory. I'm also considering adding the color pink to our wine & aquamarine color palette as an accent color.

So what do you guys think of our ideas? How are you all remembering your loved ones on your special day?

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Bridechka said...

Oh I absolutely love the idea of the pink rose petals, so touching, I teared up just reading it.

I am doing the memory charm with a picture of the person but I am not attaching it my bouquet. I am attaching one to each of our father's bouts (since they have both lost at least one parent). And I am attaching a few to each of the grandmother's bouquets for their respective parents, spouses, and siblings.

For our friends who have passed, we will be lighting a very dsicreet candle. I am with you, that I don't want the entire evening to be about death but I want to honor their memory.

anna and the ring said...

I always think the idea of a locket is a beautiful but discrete way of honouring family and friends lost. I also think the idea of having a friend's daughter involved is a beautiful gesture.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I love the charm idea. So pretty yet thoughtful. At my sister's wedding, we had a glass candle holder engraved with names of loved ones and placed it on the reception table.

{The Perfect Palette} said...

special :)

BEL said...

what a beautiful idea! thanks for the great etsy links! love you blog!

gangsta bride said...

beautiful and classy.