Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Something's In The Water

Over the past few months, 2 of my co-workers got engaged. That might not seem like a big deal to some, but I work in a very small company and the two girls who got engaged are the only two other people in my department so it's a little unusual. I'm loving it because I get to continue on the wedding high and help them out/give my advice wherever I can.

One of the girls (a close friend of mine who came to my wedding and got engaged the day after!) asked my help in putting together inspiration boards for her upcoming wedding next March. She's between two venues, one very modern South Beachy brand new hotel on the beach, and the other more rustic, warm, elegant venue on Long Island. Her colors are a range of blues from dark navy to lighter washed seaglass shades mixed with pewter & metal accents.

I put together three boards, one for each of the possible venues and another for her attire.

South Beach Swank

Rustic Romance

I had so much fun putting these boards together! It's something I love to do but I had to take some time off from doing them over the past few months. My friends are telling me that I should start a little side business creating inspiration boards for people and I'm seriously considering it. If you or anyone you know is interested in a custom inspiration board for an event, just let me know!

We're leaning towards the first board, the South Beachy hotel, but the second board for her other venue is a strong contender. She's visting the venues over the next few weekends so a decision should be made by mid October. Can't wait to see what she chooses so I can continue to help with the planning!

Image credits: coming soon!


Shayna said...

They are all so pretty!

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Aylee Bits said...

Love them! The first is my favorite!

Cape Cod Bride said...

Your inspiration boards are amazing!!!