Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Wedding Ceremony - Part One

Next up, the ceremony! I still get goose bumps and super emotional when I look back at the pictures. We have a video of the ceremony too and I cry every single time I watch!

The ceremony room. We wanted a stark contrast to the reception room which was filled with vibrant wines and aqua accents so we kept the room clean & white.

We had two of our crabapple centerpieces surrounded by votives on pillars at the front of the room and a simple white table.

Our ring pillow was custom made by the wonderful Cindy at Fascinating Creations.

We had a wonderful string duo for both the ceremony and cocktail hour. Our wedding party entered the room to Canon in D Major by Pachelbel.

My parents

My sisters

Our nephew Eric, the ringboy

Our flower girl Ally sprinkled pink rose petals in honor of her mother, our best friend Antoinette, who passed away this past April after a brave battle with breast cancer.

She melted everyone's hearts.

After the bridal party entrance our planners shut the two large entrance doors. Then the ceremony musicians began to play the Bridal Chorus as the doors swung open to reveal my beautiful bride. She looked absolutely stunning! After she entered the room, they shut the doors once again before my entrance.

My stroll down. It was so excited and happy, I couldn't stop smiling!

J watching my stroll down the aisle.

Once we were stading together at the front of the room, we immediately started to hold hands. We just couldn't help ourselves :)

Next up: the words of welcome & the vows...

Images: 1, 3, 4, 10, 13 - Daniel Krieger. All others - personal photos.


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I love the crap apple trees. So pretty. The red rose petals really bring the room together.

BEL said...

so gorgeous!! i love the trees!

Bowie Bride said...

oh my god!!! you two look so beautiful and happy - and the space is So chic. can't wait to see more! keep 'em comin :)

A Los Angeles Love said...

I think that smile says it all. Yay! And to room looked beautiful and elegant too.

honey my heart said...

love your location, all the white and the aisle lined with rose petals!! going down the aisle, you looks so happy :) yay!

Mo said...

Gorgeous location!! You look radiant!

Cyn City said...

I love the decor for the ceremony hall. The white looks so grogeous and chic. You both look so radiant! Congrats again!