Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Favors

I've been debating what to give our guests as favors. Originally I was thinking cookies. We're known to our friends and family as being the "Christmas Cookie Experts" because we make and decorate sugar cookies every year. It's even become tradition to have a cookie decorating party with friends during the holidays and to make and decorate cookies with our niece and nephews every Christmas Eve. So it seemed only natural for cookies to be the choice favor since it's something that represents us.

Then I started thinking of the logistics of it all. I would want the cookies to be our recipe and to include the recipe on a card or label or hang tag. But it seems like a huge task to take on so close to the wedding. My planner Lindsay suggested packing up dry ingredients in a canister and attaching directions to add the wet ingredients. While this is a good suggestion, I'm still not sold on the idea.

So then I started thinking do we just have a favor bar? Offering a variety of different sweet treats - cookies & candy? I'd love to hear what you think.


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anita said...

You do have the best Holiday cookie making parties. And the cookies are AMAZING.

1) you could buy cookies (from a bakery or negotiate with the bakery and see if they would use your recipe) with frost it with your initials and have the hangtag with your recipe. Is a great idea. Unless you make them yourself! 2) Dry ingredients in a canister is adorable but a huge task! 3) I like the favor bar - that is smart bc the two are of you are sweet! And you Still could have recipe cards made up for the guest to take with them.