Monday, May 11, 2009

Mellow Monday

Happy Monday everyone. I hope all of you Moms out there enjoyed your day yesterday. I'm feeling pretty under the weather today and will be spending most of the day in bed resting up for a big week ahead. Tomorrow we are going invitation shopping at Bloomingdales and Friday we have the engagement shoot. And I need to go shopping at some point to try to find those perfect shoes that I keep dreaming about. I would love to find something like these above. How adorable are they?

Image: found


chicncheap said...

I saw these shoes in a Knottie's pic. They are not exactly your shoes and may cost as much as your dress, but are tres awesome.


oh yes! those are absolutely my favorites! i've been thinking about them for months. and they even have a flat version for later on. i couldn't imagine paying so much for two shoes though since the flat version is still like $800....but they are DIVINE!!!!

chicncheap said...

I know right, divine! It actually makes me think if you can buy/make some great silk flowers and attach to regular sandals. I am thinking of making silk fascinators for my BMs and was recommended this site:

I may buy a dogwood even though I am making other flowers myself.


what a great idea! and a great website. u have me thinking now... :) thanks so much for the advice!

bridechic said...

Very adorable