Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cookie Time!

So way back when we came up with the brilliant idea of cookie favors. Now I know this isn't a unique idea or anything but there's a bigger story here. I mentioned a while back that we're known amongst our friends and family as being the "Christmas Cookie Experts" because we make and decorate sugar cookies every year so there was no way that we could just buy ready made cookies.

Every year we have a cookie decorating party with friends during the holidays and we make and decorate cookies with our niece and nephews every Christmas Eve. And we're really serious about the decorating. No simple sprinkling of sugar. We're all about the details. It usually takes hours and hours for just a few batches of cookies because we're so meticulous about them.

Well we struggled with the idea for a long time wondering how on earth would we be able to take on such a huge task right before the wedding. Unfortuntaely I won't have that much time off before the wedding so it really seemed like an impossible idea and I was just about ready to give up on it altogether. But then I came across this Wedding Cake Cookie Cutter Texture Set and my hopes were restored.

You can get the beautiful texture detail pretty effortlessly. You simply ice the cookie with a thick, smooth layer of buttercream. Once the icing crusts you place the mat on top of the cookie and press. Et voila!

Still the thought of making 175 cookies right before the wedding is a pretty daunting task but we're lucky enough to have amazing friends who have offered to help us out with this project. Love you girls! Cookie trials are coming soon!


ABColor said...

That is such a fantastic idea! I just found your blog & passed it on to my friend who wants to do wedding planning once she is done with school--

Congratulations on your fall wedding!

Natalie said...

woohooo!!! :) can't wait!!! mmm icing.


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Congrat's on getting married!! You're so close to your date :)