Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Shoe Situation

My lofty aspirations of going shoe shopping on my lunch break today were washed away by the torrential downpours we're experiencing so I decided to turn to the web instead. And what do you know, I found a great alternative to the Louboutin Petal shoe I've been lusting over for months. It's soooo cheap and a lower heel which is a good thing aaaand it comes in ivory satin which fits into my palette much better than the blush Louboutin shade! I ordered them this morning so I'll have to wait for about a week to see if I really like them.

Martinez Valero Corrine - $130

Inspiration - Louboutin Petal Shoe - $995

In the meantime I'm planning to go shopping tomorrow to Jimmy Choo and Cole Haan during lunch. Cole Haan just came out with a bridal collection and the great thing about this collection is that each shoe has NIKE Air technology in the heel and forepart for maximum comfort and cushion which is exactly what every bride needs, right? I have my eye on this one right now. Fashion & comfort in one. Sounds good to me!

Cole Haan Ceci Air Rose Sling $428

Which one do you guys think I should go with?


chicncheap said...

Martinez Valeros for sure! It's delicate and very Louboutin-esque with the details. But let us know how Cole Haan works out! I love the Nike air insoles!

Bridechka said...

I love the first one, it's beautiful and what a steal!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

whoa. wish i could pull these off! (i'm not so good in heels...)

which one are you doing?


i'm kinda leaning towards the MVs but i'll have to wait and see how comfortable they are. i'm heading on over to cole haan today to check out the Nike Airs. who knows? they might win me over :)