Wednesday, July 29, 2009

City Chic

I fell in love with these photos the second I laid my eyes on them. How perfect would this be for a city wedding? Especially a NYC wedding like (ahhhem) mine! So chic & elegant & audrey! Kinda makes me second guess my color palette, but now is definitely not the time for regrets with the wedding being only 5 1/2 weeks away. I guess I'll just have to plan another fabulous swanky affair one day soon :)

Images: Angelica Glass


chicncheap said...

Dawn, love the detail shots. Your colors are so rich, they will be great and you will have great pictures.
Black and white photography also rocks!

Oooh, also wanted to let you know that we decided to take pictures on Washington Street in Brooklyn for the bridge view and the park underneath the Brooklyn bridge is nearby too. We'll take remaining pictures on the highline and in tribeca right by the restaurant.

Thanks for telling me about Washington Street - it became a must take spot and is right by the church!

gangsta bride said...

this is good. i bet i could do in photoshop- but it would take me a bazillion hours.

Teresa said...

Gorgeous! Love those pearls.

mark lawrence said...

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