Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where To Get Dressed Distress

The past few days has revolved around us planning the flow of the day. Where and when will we each be getting ready? The whole thing is a bit tricky because we don't have confirmation that we will have early check into to the bridal suite at the hotel on the day that we get married. Also we were trying to get early check-in for our wedding attendants so they would have a place to get ready but it looks like that wont be feasible because the hotel will be booked. It just happens that it is the US Open that weekend and many of the tennis players stay at le Parker Meridien. Oh how convenient...

So then you ask, why don't you book a room at the hotel for the night before the wedding to avoid all the stress and confusion. Well that's not going to work because we are doing hair early in the morning at a salon near our apartment so we should just sleep at home that night to avoid a mad rush downtown from the hotel the morning of the wedding.

Another layer of confusion is where and what time will we be getting makeup done? We were planning to do it at the hotel but, like I said, we don't have guaranteed early check-in. We have to be ready for pictures at 2pm and I think right now they're guaranteeing a 1pm check in. I was hoping for more like 11am. I'm hoping we can convince them to accomodate us.

So as of now 2 of our sisters have reserved rooms at the hotel for the night before the wedding so that they at least have a place to get ready. You would think that we could just get ready in one of their rooms but unfortunately the rooms are on the small side and it won't be possible to pack a bunch of people in the rooms.

Can you tell that I'm in stressed out bride mode yet? We have a To Do list a mile long but I'm just going to take a deep breath and sit back and try convince myself that it will all work out :)


Bridechka said...

Phew, you got your work cut out for you! Take a deep breath and smile, cause everything will surely work itself out :)

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

I'm having the same issues, if it's any consolation.