Monday, August 3, 2009

Dancin Queens

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. We had a great girls nite out on Saturday and we also managed to make a bit of progress on the wedding to do list.

Saturday, in addition to making J one of her favorite treats, fried squash blossoms, we went to Old Navy and bought about 32 pairs of flip flops for our guests who are in need of comfy dancin shoes. They were on sale for a great price - 2 for $5 plus we had a 30% off friends and family coupon. Not bad, not bad!

We also went to the NY Cake & Baking Distributor store to pick up some supplies for the cookie favor trial that we will be having with our friends on Tuesday. I just love that place. It's a bakers paradise filled to the brim with baking & decorating supplies.

Then later that night a bunch of our friends and family came out take us out for dinner, drinks & dancing. The night was pretty eventful and we had an amazing time.

After the fun & excitement Saturday we decided to take a break a relax on Sunday. It was raining most of the day so we stayed inside, sat on the couch and watched wedding tv all day. We love those kinda days and we haven't had a chance to have one in months so it was a real treat. I'm sure it's the last one that we'll be having for a while since the wedding's only 5 weels away from yesterday!

Image: Jimmy Backius

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