Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer Saturday

I'm up bright and early on this sunny Saturday because I have a bunch of errands to do. And how badly do I wish I had this to die for shirt to wear for my outing???? Just perfect!

First stop on the list is the green market. I'm planning on making a surprise for J later on today. I'm kinda keepin it on the DL until later. But here's a lil sneak peak. Don't they look amazing?!?!

Hope you all enjoy your day!

Image: via Garance Dore


Anonymous said...

I totally thought that was you at first.
Love, The Minnesota Queen.

Jen said...

They were delicious baby! It's so hard to surprise me but you did it :) Love you.

gangsta bride said...

Ha, I thought that girl was you! Yall look alike.