Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Wedding - Getting Ready

Well I didn't want to keep you waiting thaaat long, a tease I am not ;), so here we go. Although I already shared with you some of the details of the morning of, I wanted to show you some of Daniel's images. He captured the moments perfectly.

As I mentioned earlier, I was thrilled to be able to book the makeup artist that did my sister Lisa's wedding last year. Erica was a pleasure to work with and her work is impeccable. She was able to create the perfect look for everyone right there the day of. Nobody even had a trial with her! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a makeup artist in the NY area. And an added bonus is that she is extremely reasonable price-wise. She's truly a bride's dream!

The mood was upbeat yet relaxed. We played music, drank champagne, worked out with our hand weights that we brought from home and just had a great time. The only snafu of the morning was that my brother in law & my sister Krissy's boyfriend went out to pick up some food, a grilled cheese for Krissy, and some more champagne, but they didn't come back for hours. Guess they got lost in the NYC excitement! Come to think of it, we still don't know where they went or why it took them so long!

My sister Krissy waiting patiently for her grilled cheese

My sister Lisa & our flower girl Ally enjoying the morning's festivities

My step-mother Lissa pumping it up

Our friends Court & Nat resting before go time

After makeup was done, J & I went on to the bridal suite next door to get dressed. We choose to get ready together. We knew it would be such an intimate moment and we didn't want to miss out on sharing that experience together.

So much more to come!

All images: Daniel Krieger

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BEL said...

i love the flip camera!! we're going to do the same thing!

you both look gorgeous!! can't wait to see more!