Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Wedding - Cocktail Hour

Hope you all had a great weekend! I was cooped up in the apartment all weekend taking care of my sick wife who came down with the flu this past Thursday. The poor thing still isn't better yet. Good news is remarkably, somehow I haven't gotten sick. Knock on wood!!! I'm gonna keep up the positive thinking :)

I figured I'd continue along with the recaps this week. Today we're onto the cocktail hour. Immediately after the ceremony the guests we're escorted into the cocktail room for some delicious bites & cocktails.

Here's what we served. It wasn't a ton of food...I didn't want to stuff people with a bunch of stations...I preferred offering a bunch of super delicious pass arounds and only a couple of stations.

Passed hors d'oevres
Shredded Beef Filet served with Blue Cheese on Endive Leaves
Honey Marinated Salmon with Noodles served in Chinese take-out boxes
Figs stuffed with Mascarpone and Walnuts
Shrimp Bandelliras

Mac and Cheese Phyllo Cups
Baby Lamb Chops
Mini Crab and Goat Cheese Empanadas
Bacon wrapped Sea Scallops

Mangia station
Olives, cheese, tomatoes & other assorted antipasta

I wish I could have been there the entire time, but J & I were taken in and out of the room a few times for some photographs so I feel like we missed a lot of it. Nonetheless everyone told me they had a great time so that's what matters most.

Cocktail room

My sister Lisa enjoying our signature drink The French Kiss

The French Kiss - vanilla vodka, chambord & pineapple juice...delish!!!

The Mangia Station

Mingling with our guests

Our centerpieces which were actually recycled from our shower. My sister used peonies at the shower but we had the florist supply fresh dahlias for our wedding.

My step-mom enjoying the honey marinated salmon noodles. They were a huge hit!

Shrimp Bandelliras

Bacon wrapped Sea Scallops

Next up...see what we were up to for the majority of the cocktail hour.

Images: 1-3 & 5-13 - Daniel Krieger, 4 & 14 - Nat :)


Natalie said...

hey now. i know i'm not a professional, but that last image is mine. ;) haha - so is the mangia station! ahh! it's good to know my pics can hang with a big guy. ;)

beautiful to see them again - can we do it again? pleeeeeeeease? :)

ps: date soon.


hahaha omg ur soooo right! i'm sorry, i got confused. i'll fix it right away. maybe u should consider a career change ;)

p.s. absolutely! once my swine infested wife is all better. miss u xoxo

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Great pictures...looks like your guests had so much fun!

Mo said...

YUM!! The noodles look yummy, and so does the mangia station! Mangia mangia!

Cyn City said...

Wow everything looks so delicious! It really looks like your guests are enjoying themselves already... which while throwing the biggest and best party of your life is the goal! kudos!

honey my heart said...

love your signature drink and yummy appetizers. we had bacon wrapped scallops, too, but ours did not look as delish as yours :)

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh what a gorgeous wedding, just had to scroll down further and have a peek at more. You both look so happy and gorgeous. Love the venue too.

Big welcome To DJA btw, so hope Jennifer is feeling better soon.

Thank you so much for putting me on your blogroll too.
ps that food looks delish.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

yummy! those bacon wrapped scallops look so yummy. hope J feels better soon.