Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Wedding - Ceremony Part Five

Last part of the ceremony...the recessional. We all marched down the aisle to Ode to Joy. I was so happy that I was beaming the entire time!

Our girls - My sisters - Lisa & Krissy & Js sisters - Jill & Dawn

My brother Jimmy & our niece Maggie followed by our bff Derek & our nephew Kyle

Our nephew Matthew & our bff Courtney

Our nephew Eric the ringboy and our love Ally the flower girl

Js mom & her brother Rich

My parents

All images: Daniel Krieger

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honey my heart said...

we marched to 'ode to joy' too! it's such a beautiful song. i love the looks on your faces as you walk down the aisle together, seeing friends and family in the crowd :) you two are definitely shining.