Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Wedding - Bouquet Toss & Thank U

So we decided to do it. The big ol' double toss! We figured why not better the odds of our guests catching the bouquet? We decided to invite both the single ladies & men up to the dance floor. A little untraditional, I know. But afterall we certainly aren't the most traditional couple. I was surprised to see that quite a few guys (even straight ones!) got up for a chance to catch them. Oh how I love my progressive loved ones :)

J scoping out the contestants

The anticipation was building...

for the big toss. Unfortunately we didn't practice so, once again, as during our first dance, we were not synchronized.

But I guess I didn't really care

There was one little casualty of war. My cousin got hit in the head by an errant elbow during all the excitement.

But she did, in fact, win one of the bouquets fair & square :)

Immediately following the toss, J gave our guests a great big thank you for sharing in our day.

Next up: The cake!

All images: Daniel Krieger


A Los Angeles Love said...

In general, I can't stand the bouquet toss. However, I apparently don't mind at all if it's an egalitarian toss. Cute!

Natalie said...

oops. ;)

Cupcake Wedding said...

I also generally hate the toss. But this is too cute. I love that the single straight men got in on it.

honey my heart said...

love the double toss. super cool and fun!

A Diary of Lovely said...

I got hit by a (killer) bride bouquet once too :) BUT I got it! Nice pictures, you both look stunning! congrats!!