Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Wedding - The Cake

Moving on to the most talked about part of the night. The cake! I swear I've seen more pictures of the cake than of either of us that day :)

It was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I fell in love with it at the cake tasting but I only got one bite that night unfortunately. I never made it back to my seat after the cake tasting. A little advice for any as much as possible during your tastings because there's no guarantee that you'll get a chance to eat on your wedding day!

Here she is...Miss America, the superstar of the night

We cut the cake to Just Like Heaven by The Cure. One of our all time favorite songs.

We played nice and didn't take the advice of our good friend Natalie who yelled for us to "Shove it in her face! The both of u!" :)

I've had numerous requests friends to dig into the top layer of the cake which we're saving for our first anniversary. And I have to admit that I'm extremely tempted. I've been dreaming about it since the cake tasting back and June and there's no guarantee that it will taste the same a year from now.

I'm curious how many people actually save the top layer of the cake until the 1 year mark. Are you planning on it? Do you think it's bad luck to dig in early? I'd love to hear what you all think.

Next up: The grand finale...the cookie table!

All images: Daniel Krieger


Shayna said...

I love your cake!

honey my heart said...

looks so pretty and sounds yummy :) we had cupcakes and i barely ate them during the wedding, but we took home all of the leftovers and ate about 10 throughout the next week ;)

Natalie said...

heeheehee should have made it messy ;)

Cyn City said...

WOW... isn't she lovely?! I was planning on saving the top tier but I think your probably won't taste as good as it does fresh. I think we will just have a small replica cake made by the same bakery for our 1st anniversary

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Since we had a cake buffet, we didn't have a traditional top layer. For the cake cutting, we had our own small cake. We saved the remainder of that cake. Technically, it's cut into. I didn't know that was considered bad luck (maybe only if you HAVE a top tier?).

Happy Turkey Day!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

um, YUMMY!! What an awesome looking cake. And I love the Cure - great song.

AnitaWeds said...

First off - your cake is GORGEOUS! And you both look stunning!

As for the cake, we wound up putting the top in the freezer, but couldn't wait an entire year. We dove into it on our one month anniversary. I know it's cheating, but it was fun!


Bridechka said...

Its lovely!!! Looks yummy too!


thanks everyone! i'm thinking that we're gonna dig into it sooner rather than later. i just have to convince J first :)

brideonashoestring said...

The cake is gorgeous! I heard however, via my father (of all people) that the keeping the top layer of the cake was traditional for back in the day when wedding cakes were fruitcakes and fruitcakes last a whole lot longer than the traditional sponge cakes of today do. There will be no saving anything for this girl. Nom.

Giovanna said...

hey, i just stumbled upon your blog, and it's fantastic. congrats! you guys look beautiful and that cake is to die for.