Thursday, February 4, 2010

Instant Inspiration

I was feeling a little uninspired this morning. Actually really uninspired. I didn't get much sleep because of some major back pain so 8am was feeling more like 2pm. Everything was a struggle...washing my hair, getting dressed, getting my body on the bus. No fun at all.

As I was sitting quietly on the bus I looked down at my nails and started obsessing over the fact that I need a manicure. Like pronto. It's been 5 long days that I've been walking around without anything on my nails and that's a lifetime for me. I don't mind going nail naturale when I'm at the beach and my hands are all tan but now that I'm back in the cold city everything's starting to look a little nasty so the time has come to paint those babies and whip them back into shape. Nasty nails. See when I'm tired, cranky and in pain I tend to obsess over things to focus my mind on something. So as I walked by the nail salon on my way to work I vowed to make a mad dash back to the salon at lunch to get them taken care of. Goals help on days like today and I figured that might help perk me up a little.

And since I was feeling uninspired this morning, I had no idea what to post about. I hate days like that. Gloom, doom and nothing pretty. Put me back to bed. But then, much to my delight, I just happened upon this layout from the March 2010 issue of UK Harper's Bazaar. And things instantly started to turn around because:

a.) it features my favorite model of all time Yasmin le Bon (I was a huuuuge Duranie back in the day and she's been my idol since I was 12 years old).

b.) YLB is getting a manicure in the first pix so I thought GREAT! I have something to write about!!!

and c.) as I was looking at the rest of the photos I immediately started drooling over the gorgeous gems. Hello lover, come to mama! Instant delight!

Emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and OMG that multigem floral necklace!!!. I can't pick a fave, although if I haaad to I guess I'd lean towards the tanzanite and diamond dancer ring on her left hand in this photo...

or the white and black diamond choker or white and black pave diamond ring in this one...

Which one would you choose? Hard choice, right?

Ah and now I have something new to obsess about. Goals and obsessions will help me through this. It's gonna be a good day after all :)

Images: Yasmin le Bon Haper's Bazaar UK March 2010 found here


Mo said...

The green ring! The green ring!
Sorry you're tired, I am too! But I don't have a good excuse, just staying up too late watching tv/reading! At least it is almost the weekend.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

i love your posts! so much! you are amazing Dawn! hope you are feeling a bit more cheered up :)

hélène said...

Instant delight indeed! These photos are outstanding! And Yasmine is always gorgeous, of course.

Hope you had a good mani :)

And you're so lucky to have seen gorgeous Sienna on stage, i'm not surprised that she is equally as arresting in real life. I mean, with a face like that, how could she not be?!

Thanks for your visit and for your lovely comment :)


honey my heart said...

wow. definitely inspirational :) hope you feel better.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Dear Dawn!-)*

I see you photos and I think: if you are tired,you choice is really goed-you made you own wake up with a brilliant ideas!
Great pfotos,
Hoop,you feelings are better tomorrow... is friday!

With warmest regards,


Pretty Things said...

I need a manicure something fierce -- my hands get messed up with chemicals and tools when I'm making jewelry so the cuticles HATE me. And pedicures -- winter is heck on me.

Great post!

水災 said...

希望是風雨之夜所現之曉霞 ..................................................

Mrs T said...

Love that green ring. Love getting my nails done too.

Sogni e Sorrisi said...

Yasmin is gorgeous! I would take any of the above, of course, but that emerald ring is to-die-for. Love the diamond ring in the fourth picture as well.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh my, those gems are fabulous and so is Yasmin. I must post some of her editorials I have tucked away.